Biotechnology PhD Training Program



Role of ‘Minor Mentor’
- After acceptance into the BTP, trainees select a ‘Minor Mentor’ from a different discipline to serve on their dissertation committee.  Minor Mentors should provide a unique perspective on the science.

- Minor Mentors have two additional roles:

Committee meeting report – Minor mentors will now be required to write an independent assessment of trainee progress as evidenced in the annual or semi-annual dissertation committee meeting.  This assessment will be submitted to and reviewed by the BTP executive committee as an element of each trainee’s annual review (the assessment will be electronic and include common elements for numeric ratings as well as a required written assessment/progress report).

Mid-year review – Four to six months after a dissertation committee meeting, minor mentors will be now required to hold a follow up meeting, as an informal opportunity to discuss academic, research and career goals.

BTP Mentor Instructions