Biotechnology PhD Training Program


  1. For information on the ’19 - ‘20 BTP Seminar series contact Andrew Miller of the Seminar Committee.

November 6:  9th BTP SYMPOSIUM ‘2020: A Science Odyssey, The Technology of Tomorrow, Today’
June 4, 5:  BTP hosts Southeast Biotech T32 Workshop

November 21:  BTP Q&A Industrial Panel
November 14:  BTP hosts Center for Open Science Workshop      
November 8:  BTP Seminar from Courtney Miller (Dept. of Molecular Medicine, Scripps Research; LinkedIn)
September 27: BTP New Student Lunch with BTP alum Tim Pabst (Principle Scientist, MedImmune; LinkedIn)   
September 25: BTP Day of Caring, organized by Greg Grewal      
August 26: Seminar from BTP alum Mike Stadnisky, CEO of Phitonex, Principal of Foundry Scientific and former CEO of FlowJo that was taken over by BD (LinkedIn)   
July 24 - 25: Southeastern T32 Biotechnology Workshop at NC State      
May 3:  Seminar from BTP alum E. Kaity Allen, Postdoctoral Fellow at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (LinkedIn)    
January 28: BTP Workshop by Marlit Hayslett (Director of Communication Training and Strategy, UVa Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs; LinkedIn)

December 3:  BTP Q&A Industrial Panel    
November 9: 8th BTP SYMPOSIUM ‘’HERDING CATS’ CONVINCING YOUR IMMUNE CELLS TO WORK FOR YOU’           - Jeff Hubbell (University of Chicago)      
- Susan Thomas (Georgia Tech)
- Stacey Gorski (Sanofi Pasteur; BTP alum)
- Ann Lee (Juno Therapeutics)
- Jakob Reiser (FDA)     
See posterSee agenda.
November 8: BTP-Cville Biohub joint event at Indoor Biotechnologies
November 2: BTP Seminar from Ed Botchwey (Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Tech; LinkedIn)   
September 28: BTP New Student Lunch with BTP alum Stacey Gorski (Deputy Director, Medical Science Liaison, Sanofi Pasteur; LinkedIn).  
June 25 - 26: NIH Biotechnology T32 - Southwestern Biotechnology Workshop, hosted by Georgia Institute of Technology (Andres Garcia and Ed Botchwey).
June 11: BTP Tour of Merck (Elkton VA), organized by Faith Karanja.  
May 25: Talk from Jim Powers (CEO of Hemoshear; LinkedIn) as part of BTP Journal Club.
April 6: BTP Seminar from Amrie Grammer (Cofounder, COO & CSO of AMPEL Bio Solutions; LinkedIn).   
January 23: BTP career seminar from BTP alum Mike Stadnisky, CEO of FlowJo (LinkedIn).   
January 12: Talk from Brown U. grad student Jai Pinkney at BTP Journal Club.   
January 9: BTP Externship Q&A by Kelly Drews, Alex Keller and Laryssa Manigat.

November 27: BTP Industrial Panel. Attending will be IMSD and PrepScholar students from Virginia Tech.  Also Virginia Tech IMSD Program Director and Co-Director respectively Profs. Ed Smith and Zachary Mackey.  
October 4: BTP Seminar from Alex Kopelyan (Program Manager of IndieBio; LinkedIn). 
September 29: BTP New Student Lunch with invited speaker Robbie Barbero (Chief Business Officer, Ceres Nanosciences Inc; former Assistant Director for Biological Innovation, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy; LinkedIn).  
June 14: BTP Tour of FDA.  
June 9: Elizabeth Pyle (Associate Director for Technology Entrepreneurship, School of Engineering, UVa; LinkedIn) ‘iCorps at UVa’   
March 17: Morgan Maeder (Editas Medicine; LinkedIn) ‘Fixing Broken Genes: The Promise of Gene Editing Therapeutics’ 
April 7: Nancy Allbritton (Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of North Carolina; LinkedIn) ‘Intestine on a Chip: Tools to Screen Food Metabolites, Drugs and the Microbiome’

November 18: Tony Awojoodu (BTP alum, now an Associate at McKinsey & Company; LinkedIn) Career Perspectives. November: 7th BTP SYMPOSIUM ‘TOMORROW’S MEDICINE TODAY: BIOTECHNOLOGY’S NEXT FRONTIER’          
- Deborah Leckband (University of Illinois)
-Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (HHMI, Janelia Research Campus)
- Sharon Gerecht (Johns Hopkins)
- Kacey Marra (University of Pittsburgh)
- J. Christopher Love (MIT)
- Stephen Hadley (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
- Martin Chapman (INDOOR Biotechnologies, Inc.) 
October 21: BTP Career Planning.  Presentation and Q&A by Amy Clobes (Director of Professional Development, UVa Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs; LinkedIn)   
August 22: Jason Yang (BTP alum, now postdoc at MIT; LinkedIn) ‘Antibiotic-Induced Changes in Host Metabolism after Antibiotic Susceptibility and Immune Cell Function’.  Also career perspectives.  
May 13: Robin Pulliam (BrightSpec Inc; LinkedIn) ‘Internship Opportunities at BrightSpec in Charlottesville’     
January 15: Tom Hoerner (Merck Manufacturing Division) ‘Internship Opportunities at Merck’s Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility in Elkton, Virginia’ 
February 12: Charles Gersbach (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Duke University; LinkedIn) ‘Genome and Epigenome Editing for Gene Therapy, Programming Cell Phenotype, and Functional Genomics’

February 20: Julie Champion (School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Tech; LinkedIn) ‘Protein Assembly and Disassembly to Create Therapeutic Materials’   
June 4: Company tour: Hemoshear, with talk from Brian Wamhoff (Head of R&D & VP, Hemoshear; LinkedIn)  
September 25: BTP New Students’ Lunch with talk from students that have externed and Richard Shannon (Excutive VP for Health Affairs, UVa; LinkedIn
October 23: BTP Career Planning.  Presentation and Q&A by Amy Clobes (Assoc. Director of Professional Development, UVa Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs; LinkedIn
October 29: BTP Career Planning.  Presentation and Q&A by BTP grad Mike Stadnisky (CEO, FlowJo; LinkedIn))  
November 2: ‘Internships & Careers in Industry.  How do you get from here to there?  Panel presentation followed by Q&A 
- David Ege, PhD, Executive Director, Vaccines & Biologics Manufacturing at Merck 
- Caren Petrie Aronin, PhD, Scientific Advisor/Patent Agent at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati [BTP alum] 
- Anna Pomés, PhD, Research Director at INDOOR Biotechnologies, Inc. 
- Ed Ramos, PhD, Program Director at the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) 
- Thomas Thorpe, MBA, CEO, Afton Scientific 
- Sue Yi, PhD, Toxicologist at Syngenta Crop Protection 

March 6: Andrew Mackay (Dept. of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Southern California; LinkedIn)   
June 5: MedImmune tour   
November 10: ‘Internships & Careers in Industry.  How do you get from here to there?  Panel presentation followed by Q&A
- Amy Clobes, Associate Director of Professional Development, UVa 
- Anne Knowlton, Asssociate Editor,
Current Biology, Cell Press  LinkedIn
- David Manka, Senior Scientific Director, HemoShear 
- Jennifer Munson, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering, UVa 
- Chris Paschall, Licensing Manager, UVa Licensing and Ventures 
Video presentations:
- Erwin Gianchandani, Deputy Director, Division of Computer and Network Systems, NSF [BTP alum] 
- Rebekah Neal, Associate Program Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation [BTP alum] 
November 21: BTP Career Planning.  Presentation by Amy Clobes (Assoc. Director of Professional Development, UVa Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs)

January 4: Denis Wirtz (Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins University; LinkedIn) ‘The perinuclear actin cap: structure, dynamics, and multiple functions’ Noon, Biomedical Sciences Education Center 
April 18:  Tour of Abbott Nutrition (Altavista VA) 
September 27: Robert Meyer (Director of the Virginia Center for Translational and Regulatory Sciences, UVa; LinkedIn)   
November 1: ‘Internships & Careers in Industry.  How do you get from here to there?  Panel presentation followed by Q&A   
- Patrick Klepcyk (Associate Director, UVa Licensing and Ventures;
- C. Matt Holl (Scientific Consultant, Beckman Coulter)   
- Ernie Perez-Almodova  (Scientist, Amgen;
- Antonio Ubiera (Director, Glaxo Smith Kline;
- Maciek Sasinowski (VP, Clinical Affairs, Health Diagnostic Laboratory)    
- Tara Jones (Director, Amgen;
October 5:  Antonio Ubiera (Director, Glaxo Smith Kline) noon Jordan 3006 [BTP New Students lunch]  LinkedIn  
April Gu (Northeastern University) ‘Data quality control and challenges in dealing with high-dimension ecotoxicogeomics data’
Michael Fischbach (UCSF) ‘A gene-to-molecule approach to the discovery of small molecules from microbes’
Mike Dyer (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital) ‘Translational research for pediatric cancer’
Birgit Schoeberl (Merrimack Pharmaceuticals) ‘Using basal and induced receptor profiles to predict drug response in a panel of breast cancer lines’
Santhosh Girirajan (Penn State University) ‘Untangling the genetic basis of neurodevelopment disorders’
Howard Jacob (Medical College of Wisconsin) ‘Genome sequencing: from bedside to bench’
Jonas Almeida (University of Alabama at Birmingham) ‘Biomedical bigdata science: bioinformatics code will travel to where the data is’
Martin Krzywinski (Genome Sciences Center) ‘Visual design principles for visualizing quantitative data’

March 27: ‘Internships & Careers in Industry.  How do you get from here to there?  Panel presentation followed by Q&A   
- Alex Bailey (Commissioner’s Fellow, FDA;
- Stefan Bekiranov (Assoc Prof of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, UVA [formerly at Affymetrix];
- Eric Park  (Scientist, Shire HGT;
- Brian Pollok (President, ATCC;
October 5:  Antonio Ubiera (Glaxo Smith Kline) noon Jordan 3006 [BTP New Students lunch]  LinkedIn

January 28: Jeffrey Saucerman (UVa Biomedical Engineering; LinkedIn) ‘The When and Where of Cardiac Beta-adrenergic Signaling’ Noon Jordan 3006 [BTP Faculty Talk]   
March 25:  Ira Hall (UVa Biochemistry; LinkedIn) ‘Structural Variation in Mammalian Genomes’ Noon [BTP Faculty Talk]   
Eric Betzig (Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Farm)
Milan Stojanovic (Columbia)
Gary Nolan (Dept. of Genetics, Stanford University)
Michael Montague (J. Craig Venter Institute)
Frank Costantini (Dept. of Genetics and Development, Columbia University; LinkedIn)
Chris Contag (Dept. of Pediatrics, Microbiology, Stanford University; LinkedIn)
Elizabeth Higgs (NIH-USAID)
September 15:  Mark Crowell (UVA Exec Director and Assoc VP for Innovation Partnerships and Commercialization; LinkedIn) The Future of Commercialization at UVa. 
November 16:  Tour of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare (Richmond VA)
November 18:  Paul Janmey (University of Pennsylvania)

January 29: Ed Botchwey (UVa Biomedical Engineering; LinkedIn) ‘Harnessing Sphingosine 1-Phosphate (S1P) Receptor Selective Activation for Musculoskeletal  Regeneration and Repair’ 12:15 pm Jordan 3006 [BTP Faculty Talk]   
February 19: Chris Hall (Philips Research) ‘Interventional guidance technologies and clinical science at Philips Research’ 2 pm MR5 1041 [BTP Seminar Talk - Joint with BME]   
March 26:  Inchan Kwon (UVa Chemical Engineering; LinkedIn) ‘Modulating Amyloid-beta Aggregation and Neurotoxicity by a New Family of Small Molecules’ 12:15 pm Jordan 3006 [BTP Faculty Talk]   
April 8:  Ravi Kane (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; LinkedIn) ‘TBA’ Noon [BTP Seminar Talk - Joint with Chem Eng)   
September 10:  Rodney Sparks (UVa Patent Foundation) ‘Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Patenting’ 6 pm Jordan 3006 [BTP New Students Dinner] LinkedIn 
September 24: Michael Shirts (UVa Chemical Engineering; LinkedIn) ‘Towards quantitative computational drug design: physics based modeling of protein ligand binding’ Noon Jordan 3006 [BTP Faculty Talk]   
November 19:  ‘Internships & Careers in Industry.  How do you get from here to there?  Panel presentation followed by Q&A.    
- Martin Chapman (President Indoor Biotechnologies;
- Mike Danilich (Director, Biomedical Technologies, Luna Innovations;
- Robert McKown (Prof of Integrated Sci and Technol, JMU; VP of Biomanufacturing, EyeRx Research Inc)   
- Jay Reuben  (CSO/Microbiology, R&D, BD Diagnostics;
- Carl Whatling (Assoc Principal Scientist & Team Leader, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals;

James Landers (UVa Chemistry) ‘A generic microfluidic platform for ultrafast genotyping: sample-in/answer-out capabilities that revolutionarize clinical/forensic diagnostic analysis’ 12:15 pm Jordan 3006 [BTP Faculty Talk]   
Ian Ratcliffe (President and CEO, Stemgent, Cambridge MA;
LinkedIn) BTP New Students’ Dinner
- Randall Moorman and Karen Fairchild (University of Virginia) 'Heart rate characteristics in newborn infants'
- Stephen Rich (University of Virginia) ‘Personalized medicine in the genomics era’
- Matthew Stokes (Cell Signaling Technology) ‘The use of Phosphoscan proteomics in elucidating cancer cell signaling’
- Bill Petri (University of Virginia;
LinkedIn) ‘Progress towards a vaccine for amebiasis’
- Timothy Guzi (Schering-Plough Research Institute;
LinkedIn) ‘Discovery of novel oncology therapeutics’
- Joel Linden (University of Virginia;
LinkedIn) ‘Adenosine Therapeutics, a University of Virginia pharmaceutical start-up company’
- Thomas Laurell (Lund University) ‘Recent advances in acoustic manipulation and separation of cells in microfluidic systems’
- Bill Walker (University of Virginia;
LinkedIn) ‘Sonorheometry: a tool for the functional assessment of hemostasis’

Tonya Kuhl (U California Davis;
LinkedIn) 'Two dimensional lipid monolayers at the air-water interface'   
James Wells (U California San Francisco) ‘Understanding and modulating cell death’
Patrick Cirano (Penn State) ‘Protein and metabolic engineering for biocatalysis’   
Milton Brown (Director, Drug Discovery Program, Georgetown U), Ed Botchwey (UVA Biomedical Engineering;
LinkedIn) BTP New Students’ Dinner

Richard Casey (RMC Biosciences, Inc) 'Overview of computer-aided drug design'
Maciek Sasinowski (Incogen, Inc.;
LinkedIn) 'On the ups and downs of informatics in biotechnology'  
Mark Herzog (Executive Director, Virginia Biotechnology Assoc;
LinkedIn) BTP New Students’ Dinner

Steven Nicoll (U Penn) 'Is beauty skin deep? The potential of dermal fibroblasts for connective tissue regeneration'
Helen Lu (Columbia U) 'Biological fixation of soft tissue to bone: A tissue engineered approach'
Gilda Barabino (Northeastern U) 'Cultivation of engineered cartilage in a novel wavy-walled bioreactor'
- Andrew McCulloch (U California San Diego;
LinkedIn) 'Experimental and modeling approaches to cardiovascular systems'
- Edwin Munro (U Washington) 'Network analysis of multicellular and tissue systems'
- Jay Keasling (U California Berkeley;
LinkedIn) 'Metabolic engineering and malaria'
- Anthony Burgard (Genomatica;
LinkedIn) 'Industrial applications of metabolic engineering'
- Isidore Rigoutsos (IBM;
LinkedIn) 'Bioinformatics and pattern discovery'
- Donald Hunt (UVa) 'Mass spectrometry techniques for proteomic analysis'
- Christopher Moskaluk (UVa) 'Microarray analysis of human cancers translated into clinically useful biomarkers'
- Joseph Nadeau (Case Western U) 'Functional genomics'
Marcel Bohmer (Phillips Research Europe) 'Monodisperse, polymer-shelled ultrasound contrast agents and drug delivery vehicles'  
George Martin (former NIA Scientific Director; Chief of Fibrogen SAB), Jay Reuben (Director, R&D of BD Diagnostic Systems;
LinkedIn) BTP New Students’ Dinner

Scott Diamond (U Penn) 'Drug Discovery on a Microarray'  
David Kalergis (Co-founder and CEO, Diffusion Pharmaceuticals;
LinkedIn) BTP New Students’ Dinner

Thomas Schall (ChemoCentryx Inc) 'The chemokine system in immune regulation, inflammatory disease and cancer: From discovery to the clinic'
Andreas Garcia (Georgia Institute of Technology)
- Jennifer Elisseeff (Johns Hopkins U;
LinkedIn) 'Cartilage tissue engineering: From basic science to applications'
- Mohammad Heidaran (Wake Forest Inst. for Regenerative Medicine) 'Applications of a systems approach to biology'
- Steve Withers (UBC) 'Engineering enzymes for the synthesis of oligosaccharides'
- Brian Grinnell (Lilly Research Labs) 'The protein C pathway: A systems biology perspective'
- Jeffry Watkins (Applied Molecular Evolution) 'Optimization of proteins using directed evolution'
- Michael Betenbaugh (Johns Hopkins U;
LinkedIn) 'Glycosylation engineering for generating humanized glycoproteins in insect cells'
- Ron Herzig (Upstate Biotechnology Inc;
LinkedIn) 'RNAi: Silencing the messenger'
- Tom Roberts (Harvard Medical School) 'Developing new systems for kinase studies'

Frank Malinoski (Wyeth Pharmaceuticals) 'Biopharmaceuticals beyond the bench: The buck stops here'
Steven Wiley (Pacific Northwest Nat'l Lab) 'Using a systems approach to understand EGF receptor function'
Alan Waggoner (Carnegie Melon U;
LinkedIn) 'Fluorescence detection technologies in the biotechnology industry'  
Sheridan Snyder (Founder of Genzyme, Upstate Biotech) BTP New Students’ Dinner

Tony Ratcliffe (Advanced Tissue Sciences;
LinkedIn) 'Tissue engineering for repair and transplantation: Angiogenesis, vascular grafts and articular cartilage'
- George Martin (Fibrogen) 'Biotech: Today and tomorrow'
- Kam Leong (Johns Hopkins U) 'Polymeric biomaterials for tissue engineering applications'
- John Fowler (Large Scale Biology Company) 'Proteomics as a drug discovery tool and commercialization of potential drug targets'
- Eric Neumann (Beyond Genomics) 'Applied systems biology: Where is this leading the future of drug discovery?'
- Blair Okita (Genzyme Corp;
LinkedIn) 'Role of carbohydrates in protein therapeutics'
- Joel Linden (UVa;
LinkedIn) 'New advances in adenosine research'
- David Needham (Duke U;
LinkedIn) 'From soft materials to cancer treatment: The mechanochemistry of lipid vesicles with implications for drug carrier design'
- Craig Wright (Novavax Inc.) 'Systematic delivery of estradiol in symptomatic post-menopausal women after topical application of new nanoemulsion product - ESTRASORB'

Susan Barker (Veridian) 'Right here, right now: Sensors and microfluidics of real-time analysis'
Gerard Karsenty (Baylor College of Med) 'The genetic analysis of osteoblast differentiation and function'
Larry Sklar (U New Mexico;
LinkedIn) 'G protein coupled receptors, molecular assembly and high throughput flow cytometry'
Ralph Schwall (Genentech) 'Migration vs proliferation in response to hepatocyte growth factor'

Erik Fernandez (UVa;
LinkedIn ) 'How do proteins unfold?'
Michel van der Rest (Institute for Structural Biology, France) 'Structural Biology in the Post-Genome Era'
James Eberwine (U Penn;
LinkedIn) 'Microarray analysis of single cells: Insights into neuronal functioning'
John Herr (UVa) 'Sperm proteomics'
Ron Taylor (UVa) 'Targeting of pathogens to the primate erythrocyte complement receptor: A priviledged sight'


Seminars & Biennial Symposia